My Elise

Questions and Answers

Where does the Anthurium come from?

The genus of the Anthurium with more than 500 types was discovered in 1850 in the tropic rain forest of Central and South America.

The leafs roll up and look dull.

This is a natural protection against a low humidity and too much sunlight. To avoid this spray the plant with water daily.

How long is the Elise-andreanum in blossom?

Under good care and enough daylight, especially during the winter month, the Elise-andreanum blooms the whole year. Blooms which do not look nice any longer have not to be cut off at once. They still can look decorative.

How do I know that the Elise-andreanum has enough water?

The substratum should not dry out totally. You should avoid wetness in any case!

Which substratum is to use when repotting the plant?

Coarse hawthorn substratum is the best for this plant. Do not destroy the fleshy roots while repotting the plant. After a short  period of settling in the plant will show fresh growth and new blossoms.

What is to do when the plant is infected by insects?

Plant sticker, which you can buy at your florist or  your horticulturist could help. Ask for biological seedlings as well.